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Maura Jackson


Started work at Backup in 2012 but previously worked here as a support worker from 1997 - 1999. “I love what I do, who I do it with and for. I can see the difference it’s making to young people who are homeless and to my colleagues. I am proud Backup is part of the Bolton community and helping those most in need.”


Director of Operations

Started work at Backup in 2007 as a temporary support worker, became full time, then promoted to a Manager, then promoted to Director in 2016. ”Even after all these years I am still so proud to say I work at Backup. It is the most rewarding job I have ever done. Together with my dedicated colleagues I love being part of something that makes a difference to young people’s lives no matter how small that difference may be.”


Director of Business

Started work at Backup in 2019. “It’s corny, but it’s true – I want to make a difference and I am really, really lucky to work in organisation where every other person feels exactly the same way.”


Loft House Manager

Started work at Backup as Castle House Manager in 2017. He says “When a 17 year old homeless service user tells you that their new home, a BACKUP home, is beautiful, I know I am part of something worthwhile. Working at BACKUP can be challenging, it can be demanding, it’s definitely emotional but it’s also bloody brilliant. “


Chances Manager / Lucas Deputy Manager

Started work at Backup in 2005 and was a support worker, got promoted to Deputy manager in 2015 and is now acting manager for Chances. “Working at Backup enables me to make a difference, I see young people reach their potential and be the best version of themselves they can be. I love it!!”


Lucas Project Manager

Started work for Backup in 2018 managing PFD and now Lucas. “BACKUP is a fantastic place to work. The charity is very person centred and the passion from staff is amazing.”


Outreach Deputy Manager

Started at Backup as a bank worker in 2010, then support worker in 2013 and then promoted to Deputy Manager in 2015. “I enjoy every aspect of my role at Backup. I am so lucky that on a daily basis I get to see the difference we make to Young People’s lives. The Young People are shown by the whole organisation constantly that; they are important, we care and they matter. I really do love my job.”


Project Front Door Manager

Started work at Backup in 2018 to manage Chances and is now at PFD. ‘It’s a privilege to support young people in our projects at Backup. At a time in their lives when the right support can help a young person to build their confidence, realise their potential and feel that they matter.’


Redds Place Manager

Started work at Backup in 2016 and has managed PFD, Stonechurch and now Redds Place. “It’s a blessing to work with our young people at Backup. I’m humbled by their personal journeys, determination, resilience and grit to and am honoured to support them in identifying their goals and helping them to achieve them.”


Outreach Manager

Started work at Backup in 2000 as a support worker and became a team leader then Manager in 2012. “I have worked at Backup for the past 20 years and the strength and determination of the young people, together with the creativity and commitment from staff never cease to amaze me. I am proud to work for such a supportive and empowering organisation.

Our Awards

Our Events

Every year Backup delivers multiple events for fundraising. Each one is designed to raise awareness and much needed money to support young people who are homeless. Annually we have our core events; Gala Ball, Golf Day and Ladies Lunch. We also have other events that are different each year so that we can have a wider appeal to all.


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