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John (not his real name) came to Project Front Door (PFD) after a stay at Castle House. He became homeless due to conflict at home in which he’d been physically assaulted by a parent. So traumatised he took an overdose. He later presented at BACKUP and had been sofa surfing. He was a good resident at Castle House and moved on quickly.

He came to PFD and presented well but one self harm incident was quite severe and needed hospital treatment with ongoing care. He accepted support from mental health worker at BACKUP. There have been no further incidents.

John has gained confidence and will ask for support from staff if needed this is a huge step as in the past he has struggled with his emotions and not asked for help.

His relationship with his Mum is strained but attempts at reconciliation are developing. His relationship with his sibling and Dad remain strong as does his relationship with his girlfriend which is a positive one.

He experiences anxiety and responds well to structure and clarity. The routine at PFD has suited him. He has maintained his flat to a high standard throughout his stay with all service charges paid on time. He has worked since he arrived he has a very strong work ethic, never missed work and never been late.

John was accepted to Bolton University and he started in the new term in September 2020; he is organised and excited to move forward to the next chapter of his life.

Now a Bolton University student