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Elise whilst living at the Lucas Project overcame many hurdles after the devastating loss of both her parents who died within 18 months of each other.

Despite suffering from anxiety, depression and social anxiety, Elise proved herself to be very capable in all areas of managing her tenancy but still had confidence issues in regards to moving to a property without support. Elise spoke at the AGM 2018 sharing her story with stakeholders, it was heart breaking.

Elise moved into Supported Tenancies after Lucas in order to gradually transition to her own property. Elise was also accessing Backup mental health services and wanted to continue with this as she was finding it very beneficial. Elise was placed into one of our flats nearer to her family and support network at the end of September 2019.

Elise had been waiting for an operation for a gastric bypass for months and soon after moving in had it done. Elise also began to do things out of her comfort zone. It began with simple things that most of us take for granted e.g. catching public transport for a shopping trip to Bury with a friend, resulting in Elise going sightseeing with friends to London for a few days.

Elise said “In the last eight months I’ve lost all my weight (10 stones), got myself a boyfriend, grown in confidence, become more independent, faced a lot of fears and achieved so many goals I have always wanted to do”. Elise said her anxiety has improved and that previously if she went out she always felt so uncomfortable and like everyone was watching her and judging, she said it feels now like a total mind set change. “Backup believed in me and now I do too.”