Afternoon Tea –Everybody loves afternoon tea, so why not host your own party? You can ask your guests to donate scones, cakes, sandwiches or tea? Or even ask for a small donation from the guests. It can be done anywhere, you only need a kettle, some tables and chairs.

Auction –An auction is a fantastic way to fundraise, and you can involve everybody. You can contact local business to ask if they would be happy to donate prizes, for example an experience in a fast car, or a meal voucher.

Bake Sale –Similar to the afternoon tea, you could hold a bake sale fundraiser, from any venue. Get some yummy treats, and some friends or colleagues together.

BBQ –Now, we know we’re in the UK, and BBQ weather doesn’t come about very often, but in the Summer time, you can host a BBQ from home or an alternative venue and invite your friends, family, colleagues and even the local community for a great day out!

Bean Bath –This is definitely something different, and is what it says on the tin (pun definitely intended!) You can sit in a bath full of baked beans as a way of fundraising.

Beanie Day –Very similar to a Christmas Jumper day. Why not organise a beanie day for ‘BACKUP’. Get people together at work and wear your beanies, colleagues can all bring in £1 to donate.

Bingo Night –BINGO! Who doesn’t love a good game of bingo? Round up your friends in your local pub for game.

Bungee Jump –Are you afraid of heights? Why not do something to conquer your fears! Organise a bungee jump and receive sponsors from your friends and family to donate to

Car Boot Sale –A car boot sale is a great opportunity to clear out old or unwanted items. Have a look at the car boots in your local area, stall costs are very minimal and you could let people know what you are fundraising for.

Car Wash –One of the most popular fundraising ideas is to organise a car wash. Round up a team of people, get the event promoted and wash cars to raise money for BACKUP, it is probably best to do this in summer though.

Christmas Carols –Everyone loves a Christmas Carol. Get a group of friends or volunteers together to hold a Christmas carol evening. Coffee Morning –Who can say no to coffee? Even better, pair it with some scrummy cake. Hold a coffee morning at your workplace or from home to raise money for BACKUP.

Curry Night –There’s nothing better than a good curry! Why not get your friends and/or business friends together for a night at a local Indian Restaurant. You could put on some entertainment, games, quizzes and much more. (Or if you’re not into curries – and seriously, what is wrong with you? – swop it for fish and chips; homemade pizza; Mexican; pie and mash, anything you fancy. See International Food Evening, further down this list)

Dog Walk / Dog Wash -Why not combine the two? You and a group of friends or family can organise a sponsored dog walk and dog wash in the community.

Easter Egg Hunt –Organise a community Easter Egg hunt. Hide some eggs around your local area and have people from the community take part.

Féte –Another fantastic idea to get the community together. You with a little help from some friends and local organisations can organise a fete. Have some live bands, stalls, food and a fab day.

Foreign Coins –Do you have any foreign coins, notes or old currency lying around the house that will never be used, BACKUP North West are collecting foreign coins and will be rewarded with £££ for donating these.

Garden Party –Something for those lovely summer nights. If you have the space, hold a garden party and invite your friends and family, you can even get the BBQ on.

Games Night –Are you a game champ? Hold a game night with card games or board games.

Head Shave –Would you brave the shave? This is an amazing way to raise money for BACKUP. You can take part in a head shave, or haircut and gain sponsorships from your friends and family.

Ink Cartridges Recycling –BACKUP North West are collecting old ink cartridges to raise money for our much needed services. We receive £1 for every ink cartridge that is donated to us!

International Food Evening –For the foodies. This is a great way to get everyone together to enjoy a night of great food from around the world. Don’t forget to invite us too as we’d love to come along. (Why not turn it into a competition –have people pay to enter and run it as if you were on Come Dine with Me?)

Jeans to Work Day -Hold a ‘dress down’ or ‘jeans to work day’ to raise money BACKUP. Your colleagues can all donate a small amount to wear their comfy jeans at work for a day.

Jumble Sale –A jumble sale can be done at any time, invite your contacts along, all you need are some tables, it’s a perfect way to get rid of those unused items, or clothes that have been sitting in your wardrobe for a while.

Karaoke Night –What’s better than everyone’s favourite, karaoke! Speak to your local pub to see if they will let you organise a karaoke night. Everybody taking part can donate a small amount to BACKUP.

Lands End to John O Groat’s – This is a biggie, but anamazing experience. This is getting from one end of thecountry, to the other in one way or another. Get a teamtogether to race each other, or you can even cycle thedistance of 874 miles!

Live Music Night –Elvis is in the building! Why not hold a live music night, with either local bands, or even a tribute night. Put on some pasty and peas for the guests included in the price of a ticket. If you’re raising money for charity, some venues may even let you hire out the room for the evening for free.

Marathon –This one is for all you sporty people… Why not take part in a marathon?! If you’re in Bolton, don’t forget the Bolton marathon is back, this is the perfect time to enter.

Movie / Music Quiz Night –If you’re thinking about doing a quiz night for BACKUP, why not theme it? Pick a theme such as a movie or music theme and base all of the questions around famous movies and songs.

Non-Uniform Day –This can be done at work, or at school. Organise a non-uniform day and everyone coming along not in uniform can donate money to BACKUP.

Old Book Sale –Do you have any old books on your bookshelf that you will never read? Give somebody else the chance to love them. Why not hold a book sale to raise money for BACKUP ?

PJ May –Get involved with BACKUP’s PJ May Campaign. Choose a date in May, then plan an event to raise at least £50 for BACKUP that involves wearing your PJ’s, it can be anything, PJ’s to work, a PJ coffee morning, PJ Curry Night and so many more.

Quiz Night – Hold a quiz night for your friends, family and colleagues and raise some money for BACKUP. The questions could be general knowledge, local history, food and so much more.

Raffle –Do you know of any local companies that will donate raffle prizes for charity? Why not speak to them, you can then pass these on to BACKUP ? We can organise a raffle of the prizes to raise money.

Re-gifting –Received an unwanted or duplicate Birthday, Christmas or other present? Why not pass it on to BACKUP to raffle? Skills / time donation – Can you donate your skills or time to BACKUP? Are you a baker, photographer, dressmaker? Could you donate one hour or one day of your profits to us?

Skydive –Have you ever wanted to jump out of a plane? Why not do it for BACKUP! You can do this alone and raise money via sponsorships from your friends and family. You can even get a team of people together to take part, companies will usually offer a discount if there’s a certain number of people taking part.

Sleep Out –BACKUP organise a yearly sleep out to give people an insight of people may experience when sleeping rough. It’s better to join in with ours rather than to hold your own, as we will make sure everyone is safe. Look out on our events page on our website for upcoming dates.

Spin-a-thon –Now this won’t be my favourite, but it may be yours! Why not organise a spin-a-thon, see if your local gym will let you borrow their spin bikes to raise money for BACKUP.

Sponsored Run / Walk/ Cycle –One of the fantastic, classic ways to fundraise is a sponsored run, walk or cycle, you could take part in a walk up Mount Snowdon, or even a bar hop from one side of town to the other, which is something we would definitely enjoy.

Swear Box – We’re all guilty of it, but some may do it more than others :) Why not create a little box, so that every time you swear, you can pop £1 in for BACKUP, let’s see how fast it mounts up.

Tech Recycling -If you have old phones, there are companies out there who will recycle these for you and donate the money to BACKUP. Have a look on Google to see what companies are doing it at the moment.

Wax –Men, it’s time to get those hairy legs out. Another great way to fundraise is to organise a sponsored leg/chest wax. Gain sponsorships from your friends and family, and why not record it live to put on Facebook!

Wine Tasting Event -Calling all wine and cheese lovers…  You can hold a wine tasting evening, it can be a ticketed event, and you can have samples of cheese and crackers to taste.

Xmas Fair –I don’t know anybody who doesn’t love a good Christmas fair. You can organise one from a local venue, such as a church etc., have stalls to sell Christmas themed items. You can make it a ticketed event with a small fee to raise the money for BACKUP.